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Chillin with Eden 2023-06-03T11:57:08.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2023-06-03T07:43:04.000Z show more
Big day. Lots of things. Lots of scooting 2023-06-02T06:26:03.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2023-06-01T07:00:48.000Z show more
Big day 2023-05-31T11:56:47.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-05-30T13:49:24.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2023-05-30T09:02:54.000Z show more
Evening Activity 2023-05-28T20:17:47.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2023-05-28T06:53:01.000Z show more
Toddler walk 2023-05-27T09:13:16.000Z show more
Big day! 2023-05-25T09:32:16.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2023-05-24T10:28:34.000Z show more
Botanical gardens with David! 2023-05-19T09:52:15.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-01-21T17:57:50.000Z show more
To church. 2021-06-13T08:47:49.000Z show more
Lunch Activity 2023-05-17T11:17:01.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2023-05-14T07:28:33.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-05-13T14:59:04.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2023-05-12T09:02:13.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-05-11T14:33:11.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-05-10T14:53:53.000Z show more
To Meyers hardware. Almost hit by cars 2x. 2021-05-29T12:08:38.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-05-07T14:07:03.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-05-05T14:05:42.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2023-05-04T10:25:20.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-04-30T17:10:13.000Z show more
Lunch Activity 2023-04-28T12:30:44.000Z show more
Lunch Activity 2023-04-27T12:56:52.000Z show more
Lunch Walk 2023-01-20T12:14:13.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-04-26T16:36:06.000Z show more
Evening Activity 2023-04-19T19:03:14.000Z show more
Today part 1. 2023-04-19T08:12:23.000Z show more
Big day 2023-04-18T07:11:30.000Z show more
Huuuuge day 2023-04-17T07:42:16.000Z show more
Lunch Activity 2023-04-16T11:13:20.000Z show more
Snowy walk in cripple creek 2023-01-18T14:08:34.000Z show more
Lunch Activity 2023-04-13T12:03:02.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2023-04-10T18:05:04.000Z show more
Dinner with Akira and Mark and co. Big scooter ride 2023-04-09T15:52:35.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2023-04-08T20:40:02.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-04-08T14:28:23.000Z show more
Hanging with Eden 2023-04-07T13:31:08.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-04-06T14:33:57.000Z show more
Exploring du campus. Generative 2023-04-05T18:18:24.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2023-04-03T06:21:34.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2023-04-01T11:35:29.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2023-03-31T04:35:46.000Z show more
Frisbee, coffee, lunch, Davey's birthday at the gym, his birthday at baere brewery 2023-03-30T11:39:34.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-03-29T13:10:13.000Z show more
A few days of activity - forgot to stop Strava at night between rides 2023-03-26T19:30:00.000Z show more
Scooters are quite effective mobility tools 2023-03-24T08:13:02.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2023-03-23T19:13:09.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2023-03-22T06:33:38.000Z show more
Taxi to the airport 2023-03-20T11:59:13.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2021-07-21T13:26:23.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-03-19T15:14:25.000Z show more
Took Julia to a coffee shop! 2023-03-19T08:59:55.000Z show more
Evening Activity 2023-03-18T19:16:55.000Z show more
Errands and breakfast with fredrik 2023-03-16T09:42:24.000Z show more
Huge day 2023-03-13T11:58:26.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-03-12T17:48:11.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-03-11T17:20:58.000Z show more
Big trip towards Canggu. 2023-03-10T09:33:19.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-03-09T17:26:05.000Z show more
Night Activity 2023-03-08T21:11:11.000Z show more
Errands and exploring. 2023-03-08T16:51:10.000Z show more
Rice fields, water falls, while listening to books. 2023-03-08T09:49:12.000Z show more
Changing spots. The traffic on the main drag is bad. 2023-03-07T17:42:39.000Z show more
Another big day 2023-03-06T12:08:42.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2021-07-21T09:41:48.000Z show more
Big day. Lots of stuff. Sorta fixed some of the Strava app that had been broken. Added a few months of activity data. 2023-03-05T09:59:17.000Z show more
Zipped around, lunch with Clifton, met bret who owns clear cafe. Good day. 2023-03-04T12:00:27.000Z show more
Dinner with Amar! Then riding around. Such beautiful streets 2023-03-03T17:53:54.000Z show more
Out and about. Gonna get drone footage soon. :) 2023-03-03T10:06:57.000Z show more
Trip to a park to walk with Clifton and fam 2023-03-02T18:03:01.000Z show more
First full day in Bali. Much scooting. Great food. 2023-03-02T08:43:03.000Z show more
It's a magical place, only scratching the surface 2023-03-01T20:07:41.000Z show more
Walk to train, take the really nice train to the airport 2023-03-01T06:00:26.000Z show more
Big day in Taipei. Night market 2023-02-28T14:45:57.000Z show more
Metro from airport to downtown, then rented a scooter and rode around. 2023-02-28T09:52:41.000Z show more
Huge day. Dbc, Lisa and tejens, drone stuff, so much climbing 2023-02-25T11:36:26.000Z show more
Little India with Chris, Lisa tejen sav! 2023-02-23T11:31:26.000Z show more
Even more neighbors! 2023-02-22T11:53:13.000Z show more
25 is not a ton of fun, but even in rush hour manageable on a scooter. 2023-02-21T14:52:59.000Z show more
Big day, but enjoyable 2023-02-21T09:09:41.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2023-02-19T17:29:28.000Z show more
Walking downtown and back 2023-02-16T16:09:18.000Z show more
Huge day 2023-02-13T13:56:24.000Z show more
Morning Walk 2023-02-12T09:17:28.000Z show more
Night Ride 2023-02-10T23:35:43.000Z show more
Big Day 2023-02-10T11:31:10.000Z show more
Another big ride 2023-02-09T16:27:45.000Z show more
Big day 2023-02-08T11:46:00.000Z show more
Picking up order at little India on scooter 2023-02-07T18:58:23.000Z show more
Riding a scooter in rush hour traffic is like cheating... It's so fast and easy. 2023-02-07T06:36:55.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2023-01-12T20:10:39.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-02-06T16:28:05.000Z show more
Big day! Visited with Jack, Lisa and tejen moving party 2023-02-05T17:17:43.000Z show more
Huge day! Fun times with Eden. 2023-02-04T14:34:37.000Z show more
Gym and coffee, need to drop a portion of this trip because I forgot to stop the app when I got in a car and drove to Arvada 2023-02-03T06:30:57.000Z show more
Big loop around the city 2023-02-02T07:53:40.000Z show more
Night Ride 2022-11-08T21:06:19.000Z show more
Evening Walk 2022-11-08T18:33:13.000Z show more
Thrift store and haircut 2023-02-01T15:42:54.000Z show more
Board games and bangham bherta! 2023-01-28T14:21:18.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2023-01-28T08:54:07.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2023-01-27T06:39:11.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-01-26T14:48:49.000Z show more
The right mask makes all the difference 2023-01-24T13:51:48.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-01-23T15:00:22.000Z show more
Failed attempt to get to cripple Creek 2023-01-16T14:09:12.000Z show more
Big day. Climbing with Carlo and Mark, randy and co, a walk, and off to the rest of the day. 2023-01-15T07:59:48.000Z show more
Huge day. Scoot with tejen and Jack. Golden. Doti hq. Drone flights. Many drone flights. 2023-01-14T12:50:27.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-01-13T15:16:49.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2023-01-13T10:51:48.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2023-01-13T07:18:16.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-11-08T07:53:24.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-01-12T14:37:22.000Z show more
Gym, Alameda square apartments and Lisa and tejen, Alex's, door dash. Big day. 2023-01-11T06:24:29.000Z show more
Big day! 2023-01-10T13:20:30.000Z show more
Met up with tejen, and got some drone videos. 2023-01-09T16:28:09.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2023-01-07T11:06:52.000Z show more
Coffee with Justin, golden. 2023-01-06T10:56:23.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2023-01-05T18:03:13.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-01-05T13:50:41.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2023-01-05T09:10:50.000Z show more
Walking with Eden in the snow and sun 2023-01-04T12:01:13.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2023-01-02T16:15:21.000Z show more
Last walk of 2022 2022-12-31T16:10:53.000Z show more
Walk-about with Cortland apartments manager Jessica 2022-12-28T12:13:48.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-11-07T18:26:43.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2022-12-27T11:55:20.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-12-25T15:50:56.000Z show more
Drive 2 - done in a car, afternoon commute 2022-12-21T16:27:53.000Z show more
Drive get from Strava 2022-12-21T13:11:44.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-12-20T16:42:35.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-12-19T16:50:29.000Z show more
Afternoon Run 2019-03-16T14:59:55.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2022-12-19T11:17:29.000Z show more
Little India! The apartments under construction management by kd's company 2022-12-18T21:31:52.000Z show more
Little India! The apartments under construction management by kd's company 2022-12-18T19:12:38.000Z show more
Coffee with Alex and Mark pod! 2022-12-18T09:44:50.000Z show more
Walkthrough of a compost container 2022-12-17T16:08:10.000Z show more
Chilly but fine. 18 degrees. Fingers a bit cold, but surprisingly fine. 2022-12-17T08:17:04.000Z show more
Back from hanging with Eden 2022-12-16T20:36:49.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-11-07T09:00:11.000Z show more
Scooting, as usual. Mobility networks ftw. 2022-12-16T14:10:44.000Z show more
Pitched a parking garage cleanup service. 2022-12-14T12:04:15.000Z show more
Morning Walk 2022-12-13T10:12:00.000Z show more
Afternoon Walk 2022-12-12T13:11:48.000Z show more
Breakfast 2022-12-10T07:14:00.000Z show more
Dinner with Ross! 2022-12-09T18:10:59.000Z show more
Grabbing some takeout - mobility problems, oh my 2021-05-23T13:25:15.000Z show more
Dinner with Ross! 2022-12-08T21:02:42.000Z show more
Afternoon Walk 2022-12-08T17:25:33.000Z show more
Made it to ross's apartment! 2022-12-07T18:56:43.000Z show more
Public transit: walked to union station then train to airport 2022-12-07T11:36:16.000Z show more
Wilmer morning hangout and drop off at school 2022-12-07T06:50:42.000Z show more
Night Ride 2022-12-06T21:10:51.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-11-05T14:46:48.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-12-06T16:13:32.000Z show more
Walking to get a drone video. Getting a workflow in place, it's gonna be good 2022-12-06T12:12:34.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-12-06T09:00:14.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-12-05T19:28:08.000Z show more
Dmv 2022-12-05T12:06:27.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-12-04T16:35:53.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-11-06T20:50:36.000Z show more
Indian food with tejen 2022-12-04T10:02:18.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-12-03T16:20:50.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-12-03T08:05:54.000Z show more
Big day. Nice weather whole time. 2022-12-01T16:13:16.000Z show more
Yaaaaaas 2022-11-28T17:39:54.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-11-28T08:56:04.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-11-06T15:54:04.000Z show more
So much snow and ice. It's beautiful 2019-03-13T18:32:17.000Z show more
Haircut. Farther than I wanted to go for one 2022-11-27T17:14:22.000Z show more
Dropping rental car off with Tejen, then gym, then his place, then groceries. 2022-11-27T09:21:54.000Z show more
Climbing at red rocks 2022-11-25T14:41:42.000Z show more
Visiting downtown with friends! 2022-11-23T21:30:53.000Z show more
Ugh walking in the suburbs is hell 2022-11-23T15:19:46.000Z show more
The built environment of Vegas is like a perpetual performance art piece... 2022-11-21T09:44:42.000Z show more
Night Ride 2022-11-05T21:23:27.000Z show more
Mobility data, drive to and from red rocks 2022-11-20T13:09:24.000Z show more
Red rocks 1 2022-11-20T09:08:14.000Z show more
Snowy ride, cold. 2022-11-18T15:52:06.000Z show more
A snowy ride back from sportique 2022-11-17T17:02:30.000Z show more
Evening Walk 2022-11-14T19:31:57.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-11-11T16:39:09.000Z show more
Chilly today, but I was dressed warmly. Nice phone call with will en route 2022-11-11T08:59:00.000Z show more
Riding from office to Alex and Shirleys, moonboarding and training at movement 2022-11-10T18:07:53.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-11-10T08:03:49.000Z show more
Big day 2022-11-09T06:12:46.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-11-05T10:31:19.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-11-04T08:52:53.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-11-03T19:47:46.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-11-02T08:59:28.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-11-01T17:25:05.000Z show more
Denver's streets are so poorly utilized. Ddot must hate themselves. 2022-11-01T08:47:54.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-10-31T17:20:35.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-10-30T14:18:17.000Z show more
Scooter hike scoot walk scoot 2022-06-12T19:58:58.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-30T07:31:44.000Z show more
Akiras birthday! 2022-10-29T15:04:44.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2022-10-26T11:48:30.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-10-25T16:55:53.000Z show more
Movement Englewood and movement baker 2022-10-24T17:52:42.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-24T08:52:09.000Z show more
Meandering 2022-03-24T15:56:05.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-10-23T18:04:28.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-23T07:11:53.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-10-21T15:37:00.000Z show more
Commuting via scooter is quick 2022-10-21T09:35:07.000Z show more
Errands 2022-10-20T19:24:48.000Z show more
Lunch Walk 2022-10-20T12:53:30.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-20T09:23:19.000Z show more
Car ride, traffic was terrible, in the way back from the airport 2022-10-18T17:52:20.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-10-18T15:51:38.000Z show more
Drone flight and scoot home 2022-03-24T12:16:52.000Z show more
Dentist, home Depot, apartment, office 2022-10-18T08:10:07.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2022-10-17T12:30:01.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-10-16T13:59:10.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-10-15T18:49:59.000Z show more
Moonboard 2022-10-15T11:39:24.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-15T09:36:18.000Z show more
Hanging out with Wilmer! And errands 2022-10-14T15:35:18.000Z show more
Gonna build an app for this soon. So many interesting things I see. 2022-10-13T16:55:00.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-13T09:25:05.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-10-12T17:36:41.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-12T08:07:53.000Z show more
Develop Denver Meetup, and Denver hacks Meetup with William! 2022-10-11T18:07:55.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-11T09:05:28.000Z show more
Gym, dinner with Alex Shirley and Chris 2022-10-10T14:42:44.000Z show more
Dinner with Thomas 2022-10-09T17:17:24.000Z show more
Zoo with Eden and Kristen and Mark and Katy, moonboard construction with Alex and Shirley 2022-10-08T10:43:43.000Z show more
Dinner with Alex and Shirley! 2022-10-07T17:45:21.000Z show more
Night Ride 2022-10-06T21:44:09.000Z show more
Errands on way to golden 2022-10-06T17:24:11.000Z show more
Night Ride 2022-10-05T21:51:30.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-04T07:54:18.000Z show more
Riding home from downtown, the only safe way 2021-05-23T12:12:49.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-10-02T10:12:08.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-09-30T19:13:25.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-09-30T15:06:12.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-09-30T08:55:57.000Z show more
Climbing x2, pickleball, pharmacy, Denver police department hassling ethnic groups 2022-09-29T15:11:36.000Z show more
From tejens to the office 2022-09-29T08:20:09.000Z show more
Morrison with Tejen! Scooter gang! 2022-09-28T18:07:46.000Z show more
Ride to church, avoiding Washington where possible. 2021-05-23T09:58:14.000Z show more
Doordash, first try 2022-09-26T17:09:31.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-09-25T17:10:06.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2022-09-24T12:29:57.000Z show more
Night Ride 2022-09-24T01:30:45.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-09-23T18:36:50.000Z show more
Night Activity 2022-09-22T23:43:08.000Z show more
Exploring fort Collins 2022-09-22T14:37:36.000Z show more
Afternoon meandering while also taking some calls 2022-03-04T11:59:05.000Z show more
Long ride in rain. Meh. 2022-09-21T18:18:08.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2022-09-21T10:31:07.000Z show more
Picking up William from bus stop. Started at end. 2022-09-20T22:15:57.000Z show more
Scoot and walk with Andrew 2022-09-19T18:07:12.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-09-17T20:25:42.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-09-16T17:12:22.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-09-16T07:55:37.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2022-06-09T08:50:19.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-09-15T16:42:07.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2022-09-15T12:08:39.000Z show more
Dinner with Justin! 2022-09-14T17:06:16.000Z show more
Evening Walk 2022-09-13T20:57:06.000Z show more
Afternoon Walk 2022-09-13T13:31:22.000Z show more
Lunchtime walk 2022-09-13T12:13:30.000Z show more
Evening Walk 2022-09-12T18:21:09.000Z show more
A big day 2022-09-11T09:07:21.000Z show more
Boulder errands and Loveland, a little rain and cold 2022-09-10T10:39:32.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2021-05-14T11:31:49.000Z show more
Bad traffic on way home, but learning my way past it 2022-09-09T16:43:14.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2022-09-09T08:34:19.000Z show more
Afternoon Activity 2022-09-08T17:10:13.000Z show more
Morning Activity 2022-09-08T07:24:27.000Z show more
Meandering around Loveland 2022-09-07T18:13:30.000Z show more
First exploration of Loveland by foot 2022-09-05T18:23:52.000Z show more
Night Walk 2022-02-12T00:39:03.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-09-04T15:26:22.000Z show more
Hammock camping with Bret! Huge success 2022-09-04T08:11:23.000Z show more
Hammock camping with Bret! 2022-09-03T17:28:19.000Z show more
Back to Denver 2022-09-02T13:38:02.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-09-02T09:09:41.000Z show more
Gps being dumb 2022-09-02T06:56:59.000Z show more
Finished the Walk 2022-02-12T00:07:33.000Z show more
Big day! 2022-09-01T17:03:04.000Z show more
Afternoon Walk 2022-09-01T13:16:32.000Z show more
Exploring, and pool 2022-08-31T17:56:18.000Z show more
Errands to pick up eggs 2022-08-31T08:51:37.000Z show more
Made it to cripple Creek! 2022-08-28T14:16:14.000Z show more
Lunch Ride 2022-08-28T12:26:22.000Z show more
Walk with Kristi 2022-01-05T22:13:21.000Z show more
First ride together with tejen and Lisa! 2022-08-28T09:10:06.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-08-27T19:41:42.000Z show more
Afternoon Ride 2022-08-27T13:17:14.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-08-27T08:04:39.000Z show more
Errands Projects 2022-08-26T16:05:41.000Z show more
Morning Ride 2022-08-26T08:46:49.000Z show more
Evening Ride 2022-08-25T20:32:26.000Z